G-Dot Art Space's first graffiti show in Beijing

The first graffiti show that brings international 

graffiti artists to Beijing! 

This is my first time in Beijing, it is such a city full of energy and a lots of good food too ( personally I like eating so much), as we were also being invited to this graffiti show opening , which is the " Do Not Erase" Graffiti show, we are looking forward to meet some international graffiti artists and their work!

Below are some snaps in  the newly developed "789 art district"

 The "Do Not Erase" graffiti show opening ceremony

Graffiti artists include : 

Ceet(France), Noe Two(France), Tkid(USA)
Kongo(France), Binho(Brazil), Toast(Switzerland)

Freestyle graffiti painting outside the gallery

The work from Noe Two (my favorite one )

The drinks were sponsored  by the SMALL SAKE, 
the design of the can is cute and it tasted good as well.

The opening of the show is a great success, it definitely helped to encourage cultural exchange in the art industry , also an exciting experience for me.

I will definitely visit Beijing again, although the time is too short for this trip, but I already love  the culture and people there.

If you have time, I strongly recommend you to visit G-dot Gallery in Beijing for the 
"Do Not Erase" graffiti show.

The show will be in town until August! 

by Karen