Travel - Taipei Simple Market

Taipei is always my favorite place to travel. You can always find good food, cute boutiques and cool cafes around the corner. This time around, I would like to recommend the SIMPLE MARKET which I believe to be the best hang out place on a lazy Sunday.

Only warning, it is a bad idea to walk from the MTR station to the market, we took around 20 mins to reach there, I recommend taking a taxi from the MTR station instead, especially during summer time.

Simple Market is located nearby the Xinyi Public Assembly Hall in the Xinyi district which is just a few blocks away from Taipei 101. One of the best things of this market is supporting local designers, farmers and musicians. You can find stalls with quirky accessories, postcards, organic food, fresh fruits, tea, etc. 

The roselle-flavoured popsicle is refreshing! 

Surprise! Gary Chaw (曹格) was performing with his new band 'Sensation'! 

Good Cho is a indoor market that sells local ingredients, food, sauce, etc. I highly recommend this spicy octopus sauce, it taste a bit like XO sauce with tiny pieces of octopus. You can use it for cooking noodles, veggies or even fried rice!


Good Cho restaurant has very high rating, but you need to wait for an hour! 

Cultural corner: Read about Taiwanese food culture while listening to the best local songs.

Simple Market / Good Cho’s

信義公民會館台北市信義區松勤路 54 Shinyi Public Assembly Hall
54 Songqin Street, Taipei City (Xinyi district)

1pm-7pm Sunday

by: Sysie