Minx is a high-end fashion accessory that extends fashion to your fingertips! Finally I got the chance to go to 10/10 Space to get the celebrities style nails which Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and others are getting it.

Prep Nails 

Perform normal manicure/pedicure.
IMPORTANT: Place Minx under the Minx heat whilst carrying out your nail prep.

Size Minx Nails

Taking the Minx nail template, size the Minx to match your customer’s nail bed. Make a client record card. IMPORTANT: Always keep minx warm.


Clean the nail bed with a lint free pad and rubbing alcohol. Do not use acetone. These often contain oils. Under heat apply Minx. Remove the nail from the backing sheet and hold under the heat until the product visibly softens. Apply Minx starting from the centre working out towards the sides, cuticle to free edge.

Removing Excess ProductOnce all nails are applied file off the excess material with a Minx crystal file. Be sure not to file over the top of Minx. Allow the product to cool for 20 seconds before you file.

Soft / Hard Gel
After applying the MINX nail, we can put on soft/hard gel on top on it. I chose to have soft gel, it can have the glossy surface but easy to remove afterwards.