Homegrown Foods, fors it's 3rd Annual Harvest Feast, chose the beautiful lush Zen's Organic Farm in Fanling as their event location. In celebration of local organic produce, Homegrown Foods invited 11 of the city's most talented chefs to take part. Over 300 special guests include friends and family of Homegrown foods bought tickets to attend this amazing charity event. Proceeds from the event will be donated to two charities; the Hummingfish Foundation and the newly launched Homegrown Foods Academy.

Attending Guest Chefs include: Gregoire Michaud (The Four Seasons), Jeremy Biasiol (The Mirror), Anthony Fletcher (The Pawn), Shane Osborn (St. Betty’s), Peggy Chan (Grassroots Pantry), Jack Carson (Restoration), Erik Idos (Nobu), Vinny Laura (Stonenullah/Linguini Fini/Posto Pubblico), Tracy Wei (Stonenullah/Linguini Fini/Posto Pubblico), Matt Bishop (22 Ships) and Matt Abergel (Yardbird). 

La Colombe's Logo tattoo on every chef - Ship 22's Matt

Yardbird's Chef Sheepman

Grassroot's Pantry Chef Peggy rocking the fake La Colombe Tattoos with her real ones

Americraft's Laurie brought us Anchor Steam Beer


 Yardbird's Famous "KFC" style chicken wings. Chef Matt dresses the fried chicken wings in a yuzu chili sweet hot glaze and finally dusts it with his homemade sichimi. 

(On the left) Nobu's Chef Eric's Skirt Steak Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa along with Grilled Corn with Japanese Kewpie Mayo, Parmesan and Sichimi 

(On the right) Whole Roasted Hog two ways by Chef Jack (Restoration) and Chef Vinny (Stonenullah) 
This is something to note because both chefs stayed out on the farm and slow roasted a whole hog for more than 12 hours meaning they stayed overnight on the farm and barely slept more than an hour when I saw them at the event. Seeing photos on @86vinny instagram. You will see the pig about twice the size of Vinny needing more than 4 ppl to carry. 

Each chef pulled that perfectly roasted hog apart and use different parts of the pig to make the following:
Vinny's dish was a Nose to Tail Momos (Nepalese Dumplings) which was freshly made on the spot with Nepali Roasted pepper Chutney and Green Papaya Pickle

Jack's dish was a pulled pork in a BBQ sauce served with coleslaw and pickles

Grassroot's Pantry Chef Peggy poached asparagus & arugula salad with a creamy cashew remoulade and eggplant "bacon"

Mirror's Chef Jeremy's modern interpretation of the class Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad: Tomato 5 ways: confit, concassee, raw, pan seared and jelly with mozzarella and basil foam

 Although all the food was delicious, this is by far my favorite. St. Betty's Chef Shane's deceivingly simple but so smart, delicious and thoughtful dish. A beet root salad with cornichons, pine nuts and lancashire bomb cheddar, smoked olive oil. Every ingredient shined in the dish and married with each other so well. Sweetness from the Beets, acidity from the cornichons, earthiness from the roasted pine nuts and with a spot on hit of umaminess and salt from the cheddar with more layers of flavors from the balsamic syrup and smoked olive oil that brought it all together. Impressive!! 

Organic Tomatoes everywhere! 

 Four Season's Head Pastry Chef Gregoire with his Pumpkin & Caramelized Sesame Peanut Brioche  

La Colombe's thirst quenching delicious Cold Brewed Ice Coffee made from Corsica Beans.  

Also, amazing White Sangria

There were a couple of things we didn't get to try or missed on the photo op. That including Ship 22 Chef Matt's "Pork & Foie Gras Burger, avocado and kimchi. Maybe its something about "free foie" that drove the crowd crazy and the line was never-ending. 

I totally also forgot to take photos of the Pawn's Chef Anthony's pulled organic lamb shoulder with warm potato salad, asparagus & broad beans & heirloom tomato & tunworth flat bread baked in the wood fired oven. At some point, we saw Chef Matt (YB) and Jack (restoration) pretending to be pizza masters and make calzones with the BBQed pulled pork. 

Finally, Pastry Chef Tracy (Stonenullah) & Pastry Chef Gregoire did a passion fruit bubble tea & banana ginger beignet. 

Everything was seriously delicious. 



Finally, thank you Homegrown Foods for constantly trying to do something good and different for the Food & Beverage industry. Their support for the local farmers and use of organic produce as well helping these farmers promote is something to applaud. This year's Harvest Feast is definitely one of the best events we've been to this year!! Congrats!! Make sure you guys go next year! It is soooo worth it! 


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