I love sharp hair colors and have been religiously dying my hair purple. However, its often a love hate relationship especially when my work schedule piles up and its really hard to maintain the upkeep. First greeted by the two addictive weeks of glorious shiny purple hair upon a fresh dye, the fading process begins and I end up having to deal with the orangey blonde mess before my next dye session. 

During the recent gloomy weather, my sweetest friend gave me this hair chalk set to perform some DIY highlight sessions on my hair. Its especially good for those who would like to get some crazy pastel colors for a cool party but don't want to commit. Basically the whole process takes about more or less 15 mins and you need to do the following: 

1. Dampen the areas of hair where you want to highlight

2. Rub the chalk on the damp section of hair.
3. Straighten or curl your hair after to make it more long lasting. 
4. You also have the option to do this with dry hair, just wet the pastel and rub onto your hair directly.
And Voila! 

More about hair chalk:



  1. OMG! Why am I not aware of these things? I love dyeing my hair in funky colors too, but I have a love/hate relationship with upkeep. This is the perfect quick fix! Thanks for sharing!


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    2. Hey Nydia!

      Yeah,I love this method. You can remove the color by washing your hair, it is so easy and the color is very eye-catching!

      We will keep posting more interesting products, keep in touch with us!