1. The Entire One – One Promise (HK$7,600/up)
2. 18K White Gold Diamond Ring (HK$71,900/up)
3. The Entire One – One Love (HK$6,900/up)
4. 18K White Gold Diamond Ring (HK$4,300/up)
5. 18K White Gold Diamond Couple Rings (Female/Male)     (HK$3,300/up;HK$7,600/up)
6. 18K White Gold Diamond Ring (HK$17,300/up)

Chow Tai Fook meticulously crafted the innovative engagement rings with patented technology, and proudly presented the new member of The Perfect One Wedding Collection – The Entire One Collection – as a continuity of last year’s concept. The Entire One Collection symbolizes the proverbial "red thread" that links two lovers together in Chinese legend, in which the two will finally become one and live happily ever and after throughout their marriage. 

Karena Ng was wearing the 5 carat special edition of One Love engagement ring from The Entire One Collection.


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