Chloe Nørgaard’s interview with NASTY GAL

Hi Chloe! Where are you from originally, and where do you currently call home now?
I was born in Long Beach, CA, but grew up on Long Island. I’ve been living back in the city for the past few months, taking a break from the nomad life (kind of), but I want to get a place in Berlin soon.

Where is your favorite place in the world?
TOKYO!! And at any music festival anywhere.

What’s your all-time favorite piece of clothing?
Onesies! I get them whenever I go to Tokyo. They are so comfy and fun. I have way too many, or wait, that’s not possible!

Were you a wild one as a teen ,what was your fashion style like?
 And now, how would you describe it?
I was a bit too wild as a teen… My style back then was still out there. I think now I just have more of a collection of things. How do I describe it? Comfy and playful and weird and boom 

What’s a model’s life like behind the lens?
On a shoot day, show up, grab some food (if there is any, if not then I’m grumpy), hopefully there’s already music on, if not, make sure that happens. Hair, makeup. Get dressed and shoot. I love being on set. I got started about three years ago.

Loving your hair color. Have you always had fun with your hair?
 How long have you been playing around with colors?

First time I dyed it was in elementary school and I sprayed it blue. I remember classmates calling me weird. I like being weird; there’s no point to hide it. In high school I was part of that whole Myspace thing, so my friend Brett and I would do crazy things to my hair all the time, from dreads to extensions to different colors.