In the last five years, a new generation of hostels offering luxury at low(er) prices has emerged on the hotel scene. An offshoot of Patron Capital, Generator Hostels first put in an appearance in London way back in 1995 - when the concept of low-cost cool didn’t even have a definition. 

Then the pioneer in affordable luxury, even today, its incredible handpicked quirky interiors and close attention to art and design that emphasises the soul of each location, has proved to be the envy of many other design hostels and low-cost boutique hotels. With its winning recipe, the Generator team soon knew it was onto a good thing and went to open hostels in other major European cities including Copenhagen, Hamburg, Dublin (and now Venice). Openings are also planned for Paris and Rome next year. 

Although the design message on the Generator website may seem a little skewed, what with flashing alerts of various hostel events and pictures of twenty-somethings having the time of their life, the hostels actually appeal to almost anyone with an eye for design laced with a healthy dose of fun for good measure.
 Whether you’re a hipster, fashionista, backpacker, OAP, yummy mummy, banker or flashpacker, the Generator appeal reaches across all social classes and society’s subsections. (Via Yatzer)