Orchids as gifts symbolize a special kind of friendship. It’s the kind that’s there for the best and the worst, the person that you go to for everything, be it big or small. She’s your family as much as your friend, like a sister from another mister.  This week we invited eleven pairs of “sisters” to share their stories behind their relationship and how they stay close through life.

Photo | Ricky Lo @ Ricky Lo Photography Studio
Video | Crossfade Creative
Behind the scene | Ken Leung @ Ricky Lo Photography Studio
Makeup | Edward Kwok, Davina Cheung, Angel Ho
Hair | Alex So & Aki Choi @The Attic
Skincare & cosmetics | Guerlain
 Wardrobe| Paule Ka (Ivana), mi-tu (Wing, Teresa, & Yin), Étoffe (Carmen), Club Monaco (Christy ), bread n butter (如楓), Moiselle (楊焉, Samantha, Karen, Wing, Alice, & Teresa), Melissa Bui (Alice), Doris Q (Germaine & Christy), Vanessa Bruno (Angel & Mandy), Jack Wills (Daphne), Self Portrait (Lilian Kan), DKNY (May)

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